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  • What we have to offer. . .

    Caring, professional prescription services


    Our staff of registered pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians work hard to provide you with speedy and accurate prescription services, medication reviews and diabetes management counseling.


    Durable Medical Equipment services


    We offer a large selection of home medical equipment including hospital beds, bathroom safety products, nebulizers, and lift chairs.  Our mobility products include power chairs, scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  Equipment training and delivery are available.   We provide maintenance and repair service on what we sell and what other dealers sell.


    Diabetic supplies


    Arnold Drug Company carries one of the largest selection of diabetic supplies in Northeast Georgia.


    We carry:

      Blood-glucose monitors

      Test strips


      Insulin carriers

      Prescription drugs

      Sugar-free medications

      Nutritional supplements

      Diabetic skin-care products

      • Vitamins

      • Diabetic socks

      Support hose


    Professional Organizations


    Georgia Pharmacy Association

    Academy of Independent Pharmacists

    National Community Pharmacy Association

    American Pharmacy Association

    American Association of Diabetes Educators

    Georgia Association of Medical Equipment Services


    U S Rehab


    National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers


    American Diabetes Association


    Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America



    Arnold Drug Company

    639 Irvin Street

    Cornelia, GA 30531

    706-778-4918 • 877-700-4918


    Big enough for all your needs, small enough to care!


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    •110 Washington Street Clarkesville, GA 30523•
    •706-754-3216•    •800-390-2937•

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